Our Edge

More than 2000 learning activities, songs and art projects so your child is continuously offered fresh activities to make learning fun and stimulating.

Puppet Theater and Story Telling that inspires the imagination and at the same time help in forming a system of values and an understanding of different people and their lives around the world.

Language development activities to build confidence develop personality and communication skills.

Physical activity on the lawn, swing and slide, swimming pool, ball pool etc. to develop physical co-ordination and a healthy body.

Stage performance with carefully chosen themes help children not only learn cultures around the world but help boost their confidence levels.

Offers seven stimulating Learning Centers including Math & Manipulative, Science & Sensorial, Reading & Listening, Montessori, Dramatic Play, Construction & Design and Creativity Art Incorporates hundreds of new books that are used during group activities as well as in the Seven Learning Centers.

Weekly lesson planning in which the teacher selects a daily focus for your child.

Portfolios kept for each child to gather and display all their work throughout the year – includes your child’s Development Progress Chart.

Promotes social, emotional, cognitive, verbal, and creative development offers “Interest” Centers where your child can chose to participate in several learning – based activities – Book and Storytelling Center, Creative Arts Center, Water and Sand Center, Play station and Games Center, Puzzles and lock Center.

Regular Family connection Communication highlights developing friendships among children; activities performed, and key milestones.